Lifespan Developments

Growing Up In Science - Rogier Kievit

The good, the bad and the improved practices for statistical modelling - A crowdsourcing project

Sound Foundations: Children and Music Education

Why everyone should get music education

Why should we study individual differences and variability? Philosophy edition

Not only Fiske and Cattell, but also Arendt and Foucault knew that it takes more than just means and standard deviations.

Confidence, and how to fake it!

Becoming more self confident in academics

The icing on the cake

Why science communication should be part of everyone's science

What does your ex have in common with magic cats?

Autoregression in 2 short stories

A lab retreat day away

From Raincloud Plots 1.0 to Raincloud Plots 2.0 to …


A short description of the post.

Lowering Barriers to Entry: Reflections on the Donders Open Science Day 2022

Tell your students: Null results are significant too

What is parsimony worth?

Working from home or living at work?

I am Quant (and so can you!): Seriously

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Lifespan Developments

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